Other Services

Aside from recording learning tracks, I also provide a lot of other useful services. Below is a complete list of services that you can order from me. The prices for this varies depending on what services you like and the magnitude of it, and will be provided after the specification has been sent. To place an order, simply send me an e-mail and specify exactly what you are looking for.

Harmony Theory Reports

I am specialized in harmony theory around Barbershop music, which is the lore about why chords lock and ring, and how to tune them properly. If you would like to know more about a certain subject (such as micro tuning, creation of overtones or rules for arranging contestable barbershop music), I am able to write a professional report for you. The pricing varies alot, but will be around 20 US dollars per page. Here's a free example of what I'm capable of, called The 11 Chords of Barbershop.

Custom Made Tags

I have done a lot of changes to many of the songs I'm singing with my quartet to suit our voices better. All quartets have different voices, different posters and different people handling the high notes, and all of this varies. If you like a song very much, but the tag (or any other part of the song) is difficult for you, I can rework it, and make it different. With this, I will provide sheet music and learning tracks. Here's an example of a new tag that I have made for the song Oh Look At Me Now. A tag of this size would cost about 50 dollars, sheet music and learning tracks included.


By now, you have all heard what I'm capable of when it comes to recording and arranging. If you would like to have a unique ringtone of me singing "You've got a call!" in 4-5 parts written just for you, I can write and make it for you. A ringtone like that would cost about 15 dollars.

Other Stuff

If anything else comes up in your mind that would be really cool, that you might think I will be able to provide, don't be afraid to contact me! I am up for any suggestions! Thank you!


Get My New CD

Would you like to receive a free copy of my new CD? If possible, when ordering your CD, I ask that you make a donation to help me recover my costs of production. Normal price for this caliber of CD is $15 US, but feel free to donate whatever you can.

Just click the link below. Thank you!