My album is now complete!

It is now completed and ready to be ordered! All legal issues are handled and everything that has to do with distributing and/or ordering this album is COMPLETELY legal! I have decided to give out the album for FREE, and ask for donations instead. The reason for this is that the fees for giving out an album and charge for it were much higher than I could afford. However, giving out an album free of charge still cost me alot of money and time (I think I've spent over 1000 USD and 200 hours on this project), and I hope to raise the money for that through donations. So please donate money by clicking this link below. A normal barbershop album costs 15 US dollar, but feel free to donate whatever you want!

To get a copy of the album...

You need to send me an e-mail. My e-mail address is When you do, you must specify your full name and your country of residence, and I will get back to you with suggestions for delivery. Alas, I haven't made any fancy cover for my album, because I couldn't spend more money on it than I already have. I hope the music is enjoyable anyway!

The Song List

Sit Down, You're Rockin' The Boat
Arrangement: David Wright
Originally performed by Gas House Gang

O Come Emanuel
Arrangement: Kevin Keller
Originally performed by Gas House Gang

Who Can Smile
Arrangement: Simon Rylander
Not performed yet

Darkness on the Delta
Arrangement: Bluegrass Student Union
Originally performed by Bluegrass Student Union

Cruella de Vil
Arrangement: David Wright
Originally performed by Vocal Spectrum

Sam, You Made the Pants Too Long
Arrangement: Walter Latzko
Originally performed by Doppler Effect

Drive By
Arrangement: The Blenders
Originally performed by The Blenders

Arrangement: David Wright
Originally performed by Four Voices

You Are My Sunshine (ft. Nick Brown)
Arrangement: Vicki Uhr
Unknown original performer

Tonight, Tonight
Arrangement: Jay Giallombardo
Originally performed by Acoustix

Arrangement: Tom Sando
Originally performed by Vocal Spectrum

Scarborough Fair
Arrangement: Stan Engebretson
Originally performed by Gas House Gang and Vocal Spectrum

Thank You

Nick Brown for all the help and support in making this album! Without you, this album would probably not have happened. Thank you for being the closest thing to a manager that I could have! And thank you for making a wonderful contribution to the album by singing You Are My Sunshine with me!

Chris Mueller for making me this wonderful site! Without this, the marketing of my album would be very hard or expensive!

Dr Stan Engebretson for contacting me and donating the wonderful arrangement of Scarborough Fair to me!

The Blenders for the wonderful composing of the song Drive By and for allowing me to record and distribute the song.

Kevin Keller for letting me include the lovely arrangement of O Come Emanuel, which you own the rights to.

David Wright for the awesome arrangements you've written that turned out to be contributions to this album. Releasing an album without your arrangements wouldn't be an option!

Get My New CD

Would you like to receive a free copy of my new CD? If possible, when ordering your CD, I ask that you make a donation to help me recover my costs of production. Normal price for this caliber of CD is $15 US, but feel free to donate whatever you can.

Just click the link below. Thank you!